Value-Added Selling by Tom Reilly

The book that started the value selling revolution
Two-thirds of sales managers report that selling value is the greatest challenge facing salespeople today. Tom Reilly, creator of the value added sales method, has proven that salespeople can prosper by selling on value. This is the theme of his best-selling book: Sell value, not price. Value added selling has helped hundreds of thousands of salespeople and their sales managers compete aggressively and profitably by selling value. Additionally, this book has served as the sales training bible for trainers that want to design value added training for sales. Tom Reilly has updated his sales classic to reflect the realities of today’s business-to-business sales professional. Big box superstores, category killers, and the Internet are attempting to redefine the meaning of value. In Value-Added Selling, Tom Reilly teaches salespeople how to sell more effectively by focusing on their total value. This new edition provides the reader with strategies and tactics to close more sales more profitably, and to increase customer retention. In this book, you learn how to:
  • Understand your value added;
  • Create sales tools to help you communicate your value added;
  • Focus on market sweet spots;
  • Differentiate your solution; and
  • Fully leverage customer relationships.
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