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The New Look of Value-Added Selling

Since 1984, Value-Added Selling has been putting sales professionals on the path to sales excellence. In this new edition, Tom Reilly has updated his seminal work in value selling to help you contend with today’s customer, who invariably expects more but wants to pay less. This edition includes new material on:

  • The value added sale
  • The critical steps of the buying process—how buyers really make decisions
  • How to create the customer messaging tools to support your sales efforts
  • The Red Zone/Green Zone time management model for salespeople—a new way to think about how you invest your time
  • How to make appointments and canvass your territory
  • Selling value in tough times—half the battle is in your head; the other half is on the streets
  • The Best Sales Practices of top-achieving salespeople—what the best of the best do

Every page of this book has been updated to reflect the realities of today’s value selling. More relevant today than ever, Value-Added Selling quickly and dramatically improves your sales effectiveness at a time when customers are more hesitant than ever before to part with their money.

Part I The Value-Added Selling Philosophy
1. The Value-Added Organization
2. Value-Added Selling Philosophy
3. The Critical Buying Path®
4. The Value-Added Sales Process®
5. Customer Messaging

Part II Value-Added Selling Strategies
6. High-Value Target Account Selection
7. Target Penetration
8. Customer-izing
9. Positioning
10. Differentiating
11. Presenting
12. Serving
13. Relationship Building
14. Tinkering
15. Value Reinforcement
16. Leveraging

Part III Value-Added Selling Tactics
17. Canvassing
18. Getting appointments
19. Pre-Call Planning
20. The Opening Stage
21. The Needs Analysis Stage
22. The Presentation Stage
23. The Commitment Stage (Closing)
24. Handling Objections
25. Post-Call Activities

Part IV Value-Added Selling—Special Topics
26. Hi-Level Value-Added Selling
27. Selling Value in Tough Times and Tough Markets
28. Red Zone/Green Zone Time Management
29. Final Thoughts

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Hardcover: 278 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill; 3rd edition (March 22, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0071664874 ISBN-13: 978-0071664875

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