Tom’s Bio

Tom Reilly has built a company that is dedicated to helping sales and marketing executives achieve their strategic objectives by helping their salespeople achieve tactical sales goals.

Tom Reilly Training is a St. Louis-based, privately owned company that specializes in training salespeople and their managers in the principles, strategies, and tactics of Value-Added Selling. Tom Reilly founded this company in 1981 as Sales Motivational Services—a general sales training company. As Tom pioneered the Value Added Selling philosophy in 1984, he sharpened the focus of Sales Motivational Services to reflect his passion for selling value. The company name officially changed to Tom Reilly Training in 2001. Tom Reilly Training offers public seminars and in-house training.

Tom began his career as a salesman for Mallinckrodt Chemical Works, a manufacturer of industrial and specialty chemical products for the petrochemical and medical industry. After his second year in sales for Mallinckrodt, Tom was named “salesman of the year.” Tom left Mallinckrodt and started his first business in Houston—a stocking distributor for major brands in the laboratory supply industry. He sold this business in 1981 to start his second business—training salespeople and their managers.

Tom has a B.A. in Psychology from St. Louis University and an M.A. in Psychology from University of Missouri in St. Louis with a special emphasis in work motivation theory. Tom’s education goes beyond academia. He spent four years in the United States Army where he honed his leadership skills as a Drill Sergeant.

Tom is a past board member of Sales & Marketing Executives of St. Louis; past president and board member of the St. Louis Gateway chapter of the National Speakers Association; Certified Speaking Professional (National Speakers Association earned designation); and faculty member of the University of Industrial Distribution.

Tom is a prolific writer, author and researcher. He is an award-winning columnist of the Northeast Business Editors Silver Award; author of twelve business books; editorial contributor to several industry trade journals; and director of a renowned, best practices research project of top-achieving salespeople.

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